‘We’ve seen a show full of music and light’

“It’s very beautiful. We are surprised by the beauty, the choreography. You can see that everything is very well done and they trained a lot.”


“It’s a chance to see the Chinese culture, [and] we see different things: We saw what happens with the repression; we also saw ancient things from the Han dynasty; we also see the Tibetan drums; we also see the classical things like the ‘Journey to the West.’ So you can see different sides of Chinese culture and in a beautiful way with nice music. We enjoyed it a lot.”


“I would [tell my friends] we’ve seen a show full of music and light and beautiful performance and lots of dancers. And it’s also a new way to get used to Chinese culture, a very old culture, one of the most ancient in the world—5,000 years.”

David Flores, translator
Ottawa, Canada
Shen Yun World Company
January 8, 2017