‘We’ve seen a show full of music and light’

January 9, 2017

“It’s very beautiful. We are surprised by the beauty, the choreography. You can see that everything is very well done and they trained a lot.”


“It’s a chance to see the Chinese culture, [and] we see different things: We saw what happens with the repression; we also saw ancient things from the Han dynasty; we also see the Tibetan drums; we also see the classical things like the ‘Journey to the West.’ So you can see different sides of Chinese culture and in a beautiful way with nice music. We enjoyed it a lot.”


“I would [tell my friends] we’ve seen a show full of music and light and beautiful performance and lots of dancers. And it’s also a new way to get used to Chinese culture, a very old culture, one of the most ancient in the world—5,000 years.”