Weakest Link

November 30, 2020 Updated: November 30, 2020

This election is not about Donald Trump or Joe Biden, it’s about the election process. It has moved to the digital age.

The equipment and process must have integrity beyond corrupt personnel. Today, equipment can have a “backdoor” that allows it to be “mirrored and monitored,” allowing the intervening party real-time manipulation. Stop the count. Fresh ballots, please. A secret ballot is the gold standard, but if it’s not verified, then it’s irrelevant.

The biggest insult is that for all the billions spent on campaigns, or “Russian collusion” et al., votes are moot if they can be “dragged and dropped.” Nothing can be reconciled in such a system. This is not to mention that the machines are manufactured and the votes tallied outside the country … including countries in the sphere of the Chinese.

So joke about Trump and intimidate his lawyers, it isn’t the candidate who will win or lose this election, it will be America. Set standards for the new age … or live with whoever really has power and cares nothing about you, or is not in charge when the honeymoon is over.

Nothing worse than a totalitarian win. Wasn’t that settled in 1945? Oh, that’s right. It’s perennial.

Fred Stewart