‘We are on another planet, in a dream’

April 3, 2018

“I am amazed by this show, truly everything is exceptional, elegant, … everything is beautiful. The landscapes—you see it is simply breathtaking, really breathtaking, and wonderful; we are on another planet, in a dream.”

“It is exceptional, truly there are no other words; extraordinary.”

“It touches your heart and your soul. You see, I think that … here we are outside the world, we are in this. … Yes it’s the heart and the soul that are touched. We are elsewhere, it’s wonderful, it’s exceptional. Frankly we only know the West, you see, and all of a sudden we discover this far East, this exceptional discovery, this world that we didn’t know and all of a sudden we’re under its spell.

“I, who am a practicing Catholic, frankly was amazed, really amazed.”

“I felt this beautiful pride, these beautiful people, and I admit that this show makes us walk in this country [China] with all its roots, here is another world that I discover and I have this immense pleasure to be here tonight. Thank you [Shen Yun] for everything.”