Watch: Real Life Cat Superheroes; Cat Saves Toddler and More

BY Jim Liao TIMEDecember 29, 2014 PRINT

Of all the cat superhero stories, the video shown above is perhaps the most popular. 

In the above video, we see a toddler riding a bike when he is suddenly attacked by a vicious dog. The toddler is under the dog’s wrath for several seconds. But before things get truly bad, the family cat rushes in to chase the dog away.

Instantly a popular story, the implicated family further explained their story on the Today Show a few months ago(posted below).

The video has now amassed 23 million views on YouTube.

But as it turns out, cat superheros aren’t such an uncommon thing. Below we post more cases of cats being heros.


This is another super vial video with 10 million views, where we see a cat ward off some menacing gators.

However, this action is but a second long in 2:31 minutes of footage. Skip to 1:07 to see it.


Cat gives cardiac massage to injured girlfriend? I can barely watch more than a few seconds of this video. Cats have feelings?!!?!?!? Excuse me as I go cry in a corner.


The puppy didn’t actually mean harm in this video; nonetheless, the cat acted as the family police. Even if you’re just playing around, grabbing a little girl’s dress like that is a no-no.


Many commentors wish the host family wouldn’t have laughed as the poor cat risked its life to take on the big, bad bear all on its own 🙁


This one is perhaps the most controversal. It would have been a real save if this was a abusive babysitter, but it could have just as easily have been a completely innocent babysitter. We don’t know because we don’t have the audio.

All we know is some glass broke, so the cat may have took that as a warning sign and rushed in to attack the babysitter and save the baby. Maybe the babysitter raised her voice at the baby – that would have spurred the cat to react. But whether the babysitter was unjustly attacked or not, or thing is for sure; if the baby really were in danger, the cat would have had the baby’s back.

Jim Liao
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