Watch: A Couple’s Guide to Living on a Boat in Wintery New York

May 1, 2016 Updated: May 1, 2016

Manhattan’s soaring rents made Jon and Tory forget about their cosy Nolita apartment and move into a boat at the not-so-cosy shore of the Hudson River. During winter.

But the young successful couple saw no obstacles in the full-time sailor’s life at all. Not even in the fact that it was freezing winter. “One thing that becomes clearer on a boat is the importance of value that each other brings into the relationship,” said Jon.

The beautiful moments that life on the boat brought them and those, on the other hand, that made them harder to reach are talked in a short documentary made by MEL Film

Seems like there’s much more to living on a boat one my have think. As Tory admits: “The pace, the slowness, the connection with nature just makes you remember there’s something offline that you can be appreciative of…”