Want to Break a Master Lock? Expert Shows Just How Easy It Is

December 1, 2015 Updated: December 5, 2015

People use master locks for all kinds of things, from locking doors to keeping valuables safe while at the gym.

Unfortunately, a new video highlights just how easy it is to break open the lock, using only a small hammer and a little pressure.

An expert who has a channel named LockTube on YouTube posted the video.

Busting the lock took just seconds.

But the expert does have recommendations for good locks–anything made by Abloy, Medeco, Abus, or Mul-t-lock. 

“The Abus disc locks are super locks and I’ve never been able to pick one, nor do I know anyone that has. They are well designed, durable and not too expensive–so I think they are a good choice.,” he noted.

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