Show with Universal Appeal

By Catherine Yang, Epoch Times
December 23, 2008 Updated: May 8, 2013

HOUSTON—The Divine Performing Arts (DPA) group performed their second show in Houston at the Jones Hall, Tuesday night, Dec. 23. The performance was as well received the second night as the first.  Audience members expressed enthusiasm and pride.

Mr. Walker, an aviation safety inspector for the federal government, brought his wife and his elderly neighbors Mr. and Mrs. Morales to the show after reading great reviews online.

Mr. Walker said it had been 35 years since he had attended a dance or show, and particularly liked the fighting scenes in some of the dances, such as The Monkey King Triumphs and Mulan Joins the Battle.

Along with the many dances telling stories and legends from ancient Chinese history, there were performances by vocal soloists.

“It was wonderful, colorful; incredibly artistic and creative,” Mrs. Walker said. “It made me proud to be an Asian; proud of the history and the culture, and the spirituality of the dance.”

Mrs. Morales, an avid ballet and theater goer says she has loved ballet all her life but has never seen dance like this. The part she found most moving was the dance Persecuted on a Sacred Path, but said that she felt all of the performances were fabulous.

“This was a night to remember,” she said. “The best is that you can understand everything even though you don’t speak the language. You can see the story.”

Her husband found the show beautiful, but was particularly impressed by the digital effects projected onto the backdrop, and enjoyed the scene when a mountain opened up in the dance Legend of the Brush.

“It was an illusion, right?” he commented. “But it was great.”

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