Virginia Symphony Classical Bassist: Shen Yun a ‘Really Moving Experience’

March 1, 2017

“Very fine choreography! Very fine musicianship! Very fine artistry! Really moving experience.”

“What I found unique about Shen Yun was the blending of Chinese instruments and the Western instruments we are so used to hearing in the symphony orchestra. And the combination was very, very pleasing.”

“The two sopranos — they sang with very full voice, and very pleasing. The way they delivered their performance was very polished, and I felt both singers had very strong voices.”

“This is a synthesis of Chinese traditional music as well as Western style instruments mixed in with those instruments. The story itself is very much like the life out of it, like the avatar, which I would say an avatar will be Jesus Christ, an avatar would be Lao Tze. All these men, I think, tried to basically say the very same thing, it is the same message. People oftentimes get the idea that these messages are different. It isn’t different, it’s the same, it’s just expressed in different ways and  individual ways. That’s what I get out of the show, the feelings of Shen Yun. And I do recommend it to anybody who has not seen this, go see these performances.”