Vietnam Veteran With PTSD Finds Peace After Volunteering at Blind Horse Rescue

January 7, 2019 Updated: January 7, 2019

Blind horses rescued from euthanasia are soothing veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) at a North Carolina farm, and the positive results are very telling.

Mike Kennedy is a Vietnam war veteran, and he has been volunteering on Flurry’s Hope Blind Horse Rescue in Madison for five years.

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He first arrived with PTSD, but now he stays on with a calm heart and mind, for “it touches the soul,” he says, per an Aug. 20, 2018, report by WFMY2.

Kennedy adores all the horses.

“You come out here, and these horses will stand there, and they will listen to you, they will not judge you.

“It’s just temporary escape from the human world.”

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But there’s one horse that Kennedy spends most of his time with, and that’s 19-year-old Fanny.

“I noticed that my stress level started dropping down. I have no words to express the level of love that she shows me.”

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With certitude, Kennedy testifies his recovery to simply spending time with the horses. He now assumes the role of Veterans Program Director at the farm, and hopes other veterans who are suffering from PTSD, like he did, spend some time with horses.

The initiative is all the more reassuring, for all of the farm’s dozen or so horses have been given a new lease on life. Due to their blindness, they were sadly destined for death row.

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Fortunately, Emilie Storch established Flurry’s Hope Blind Horse Rescue to save them, which is otherwise referred to as the “Second Chance Ranch.”

“Flurry’s Hope is a blind horse rescue that demonstrates to the world that disability is not inability,” says Storch.

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“…Just because they were blind, nothing else, they were going to be killed,” Storch explains.

The farm, founded on a well-intentioned idea, is a great asset to society, and further awareness is important to allow more sufferers of PTSD to realize its potential and benefit.


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