Video: Woman Gets Instant Karma After Passing a School Bus

May 13, 2016 Updated: May 15, 2016

A woman tried to pass a school bus in her car by using the sidewalk.

And a police car was in the right place at the right time.

She was pulled over by police. “Alright, she has been caught. Justice has been served,” says one voice off-screen.

Most U.S. states have laws that limit what a motorist can do in the vicinity of a stopped school bus. For example, in California, “When the bus flashes red lights (located at the top front and back of the bus), you must stop from either direction until the children are safely across the street and the lights stop flashing.”

And in New York state: “When a stopped school bus flashes its red light(s), traffic approaching from either direction, even in front of the school and in school parking lots, must stop before reaching the bus. You should stop at least 20 feet (6 m) away from the bus. This law applies on all roadways in New York State. You must stop for a school bus even if it is on the opposite side of a divided highway.”

(H/T – Alt_driver)