Video: Toddler Falls in Love With Baby Sister on Meeting Her for the First Time

May 26, 2020 Updated: May 26, 2020

Often, toddlers don’t always cope well with not being the center of attention. Particularly when they gain new family members—especially babies who demand extra care and focus from mom or dad—it can rock their little princely worlds, as the new tiny ones can call for changing up old routines.

With this being said, there are young kids who welcome their little siblings with all pride and love. Just like 3-year-old Molly, of Wynnewood, Pennsylvania.

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For little Molly, the arrival of a new younger sibling wasn’t a sign of shifting attention—it was an exciting new chance for the sweet toddler to shower baby sister, Cora, with affection and promises of protection. Mom Heather Conley caught a heartwarming reaction from the young girl when she got the chance to meet Cora in 2019.

Conley managed to capture on camera the perfect way that Molly reacted when she was brought to the hospital following the delivery of Cora.

In the video, a swaddled and snuggly-looking Cora is set carefully on Molly’s lap for a chance to let the new sisters bond. And from the moment the baby is placed in Molly’s arms, her face lights up and you can tell that she’s all in love with the arrival of a new member of the family.

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Little Molly seems absolutely delighted to meet a brand-new playmate and someone she can protect forever.

Immediately, Molly gives her little sibling a giant cuddle—prompting a quick warning from Conley in the background to “Be gentle.”

The big sister starts to reassure the tiny swaddled baby in her lap that she’s there to protect her. “You just came out of mommy’s belly. I won’t drop you … I won’t let you go anymore,” says Molly to baby Cora.

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She follows up her adorable declaration with an extra hug and a kiss on the baby’s forehead before then putting her cheek against the baby’s head for a moment in adoration. The whole time, she keeps a careful hold on the little baby in her lap, treating her just as gently as mom asked.

Mom Conley sounds amazed in the background that she was lucky enough to have pulled out a phone to record the moment, ensuring that both sisters will have evidence of their lifelong bond from the moment they met.

“I just got that on video,” you can hear her saying.

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The precious moment resonated with the internet immediately, going viral. It received over 40,000 views on Twitter.

“Everyone loves it [because] it’s just so innocent,” wrote Conley on Twitter.

The reactions were overwhelmingly positive, with dozens flocking to the Twitter post to tell Conley just how adorable the two little girls were. “Beautiful moment … replay when they are teenagers and fighting,” wrote one person.

Baby Cora is lucky to have a sister like Molly, who vowed to hold her hand and be her guide for the lifetime. What a beautiful way to celebrate the love and bonding between siblings!

Watch Molly meeting her little sister in the video below:

Heartwarming moment 3-year-old Pennsylvania girl meets her baby sister for the first time

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