Video: This Father-Daughter Duo Totally Nails the Whole Wedding Dance Thing

May 1, 2019 Updated: May 1, 2019

A hilarious video has surfaced online of the moment a father daughter dance went from the usual dad dancing you would expect to a full on choreographed routine that many dance schools and boy / girl bands up and down the country would envy.

The video starts normally. A father in full army dress dancing with his proud daughter, holding her hand and spinning aimlessly with little skill around a dance floor surrounded by a throng of onlookers.

Then suddenly the two part and head to different sides of the room. The music changes tempo and with a flourish that Mr Timberlake himself would be proud of, the two begin to bust out moves in unison that would put N’Sync to shame.

As the dance progresses we see every move in the book, from MC Hammer side steps to an impromptu photo routine where the father pretends to photograph his still dancing daughter before leaning in and taking a few select fake grinning selfies of the two of them together.

At one early point in the routine the dancing stops and applause can be heard around them, the crowd obviously thinking the entertainment is over. But unknown to the shocked audience this is just a pause and the two intrepid dancers are readying in preparation for the next stage of their dance marathon. A later pause sees the father fake exhaustion before beginning the routine again with spaghetti legs as his daughter urges him to continue. He is then substituted out for a younger model as a young boy takes his place on the dance floor.

The video finishes with the father returning and the dance routine returning to the more usual ballroom format.

You’ll want to see this fabulously funny clip for yourself.