Video Shows Track Team Helping Fellow Runner Battling Cancer Cross Finish Line—and It Goes Viral

May 31, 2021 Updated: May 31, 2021

A high school track and field team in New York was caught on video helping their fellow runner, who is suffering from cancer, cross the finish line after enduring grueling treatment.

The video, posted by the school on Twitter, went viral and has inspired viewers across the internet.

Sherendehowa High School senior Yeva Klingbeil is shown being helped by three teammates to finish the race, before the rest of the team rush in to cheer and chant her name.

(Courtesy of Shenendehowa Central School District)

In November 2019, Yeva was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer called rhabdomyosarcoma, which affected her jaw. Before the devastating diagnosis, she was an active member of the school track team.

She began chemotherapy in 2019 to treat the cancerous mass deposit around her jaw. Unfortunately, the chemo did not go well and caused damage to her brain stem.

The damage had an adverse effect on her health. She became very weak, developed breathing complications, and lost her ability to swallow food and fluids.

She was placed in intensive care for several weeks, which saw her regain some of her functions.

Since then, the tumor around her jaw has shrunk to half its original size, though she still can’t swallow any food. She breathes on a ventilator and feeds through a tube.

Taking to Twitter, the school’s athletic department posted the video, showing the team’s excitement at having Yeva back by their side.

Epoch Times Photo
Yeva Klingbeil (second from the right). (Courtesy of Shenendehowa Central School District)

“What a great moment to see Senior Yeva Klingbeil at today’s girls’ track & field meet,” they captioned in the video.

“Yeva’s teammates help her across the line in the 4X1 relay. Yeva continues her fight with cancer and we continue to be amazed by her spirit!!”

The tweet garnered over 250,000 views, and judging from the number of shares and comments, followers are impressed and inspired by both Yeva and her teammates.

“This is what helps me keep my faith in humanity, despite all the bad that exists in this world,” commented Twitter user Charles Kuyper.

Epoch Times Photo
(Courtesy of Shenendehowa Central School District)

This was not the first time the team came through for Yeva. In November 2020, coach Cloutier organized a marathon to help raise funds for her hospital bill.

Though the team had aimed to raise $10,000, the marathon brought in a whopping $21,473.

The surplus was shared with Family Reach organization, which offers financial assistance to families with cancer patients.

“Yeva and her family pray her brain will continue healing and she will be able to breathe, walk and eat once again,” Cloutier wrote on Yeva’s fundraising page.

“While Yeva has gone through all of this and more, she has never stopped caring about her friends and family and has never given up hope of recovery.”

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