Video: military dad hanged up video chat with deaf daughter, but didn’t call back as promised

April 27, 2019 Updated: April 27, 2019

Military service can be a tough thing for many families to deal with. This is because deployment often brings a loved one miles and miles from home, with very little ability to contact them. This often leaves many people missing their loved ones, like the case of this deaf girl, who is on a video call with her dad who is in the military.

You can see the glow on her face when she is on call with him, signing to each other to talk. The mother also says that she loves the dad, also in sign language. At this point, the dad had a surprise that he wanted to show his daughter. But he tries to play it off, saying that his boss is calling, and that he would call right back.

The deaf girl nods her head, agreeing. Happy that she was able to talk to her father. As the girl is eating her lunch, waiting for him to call back, he decides to step into the classroom. The daughter looks at him in shock, and then immediately goes to hug him.

She is so moved by the fact that she is able to see her father again that she is moved to tears. Hugging her father, whom she missed for a long time. This video shows how deep a bond between father and daughter and go, and although her father was away for a while, he came back. They both hugged several times, with the daughter coming back for more hugs, not knowing how else to respond.

Military families often really miss their loved ones, but they hold out hope that they will be able to see them again sometime soon. And this video illustrates that love very well.

Video Credit: JukinVideo