Video: Father Climbs Into Crib to Calm Crying Baby, but Watch What Happened in the End

April 27, 2019 Updated: April 27, 2019

Raising children can be hard for pretty much any parent. Young children are easily scared, cry often, and never like to remain calm and quiet for long. So sometimes, it takes a more creative method in order to get kids to remain calm and quiet.

So the video starts off with a small toddler crying in her crib. She obviously does not want to go to bed yet, so she is a bit cranky. So when the father tries to lay her down, she fights with him every step of the way. Getting right back up, and just refusing to lay down.

So the father, wanting to calm down his daughter and to get her to quiet down, does what many people would never think of doing: Climbing in the crib. As soon as he gets into the crib, the young child lays down on his chest, and instantly quiets down.

However, after the child calms down and starts to fall asleep, the dad now has another predicament. He now has to get out of the crib without waking up his daughter. He tries to escape a couple of times, but the daughter wakes up and instantly clasps onto him, preventing him from escaping.

After finally having to pick his daughter up and climb out of the crib with her, you can tell that by the look on his face he will never try this again. However, it did work to calm down his daughter, it was just that he got trapped in the process.

So this should go to show that just because a creative case works to calm the child down, it might not be a good plan in the long run unless you like sleeping in small and enclosed spaces.

Video Credit: JukinVideo