VIDEO: Family Find Vintage Christmas Gifts in Attic From Late Great-Grandparents—And the Unwrapping Goes Viral

TIMEJanuary 11, 2022

A Central Florida family started a new Christmas tradition after they video recorded a special gift unwrapping that went viral on TikTok.

Holly Pomeroy, 29, and her sister Hannah, 26, came across a trove of misplaced vintage Christmas presents from their recently deceased granddad and great-grandparents from years earlier.

Grandpa Bruce passed in November, and Holly’s cousin stumbled on the forgotten gifts in an attic while cleaning out his house.

After Bruce’s funeral on Dec. 27, Holly, her sister, and dad, Scott, had the unwrapping, which they filmed.

(Courtesy of Holly Pomeroy)

(Courtesy of Holly Pomeroy)

Holly is seen tearing open the antiquated Christmas paper to find a pink Snuggie and a robe from her grandparents; her sister got a pair, too; while Scott got a massage chair.

“Two of them were addressed to me, one just said ‘Holly,’ the other said ‘To Holly, from Nana,’ which is my grandmother who passed in 2015,” Holly told The Epoch Times.

“Probably the gifts were bought and wrapped in 2014, and we hadn’t had a chance to come down, and when her health started to decline, my grandfather had a lot on his plate.

“Kind of just one of those things that got forgotten about.”

Epoch Times Photo
(Courtesy of Holly Pomeroy)
Epoch Times Photo
(L–R) (Back) Homer, Mémé, Nana, Scott, Bruce; (Front) Holly’s aunt and cousin. (Courtesy of Holly Pomeroy)
Epoch Times Photo
(Courtesy of Holly Pomeroy)

Also stashed—from years before—were two Christmas cards from great-grandma Mémé and great-granddad Homer. Tucked inside were crisp $5 bills ($20 total) from 1995.

Holly posted the clip on TikTok and captioned: “My grandfather recently passed away and my cousin found super old wrapped Christmas presents in the attic to my dad, my sister and I. We also found an old Christmas card with money in it from my great-grandparents who passed around 2002.”

After just one day, the TikTok video garnered 5 million views, and Holly had reporters thronging on her Facebook page, messaging her. That same video has now garnered some 9 million views to date.

Holly and her husband are planning to hold a similar unwrapping for their own four kids one day. “We’ve decided to continue this tradition of maybe buying them something and stowing it away wrapped with dates and everything—that and our grandkids possibly one day, too.

“That way, they’ll be able to spend one last Christmas with us, kind of like what we just got.”

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