Video: Expecting Couple Surprise Family and Friends With Pregnancy Announcement

April 29, 2019 Updated: April 29, 2019

A video has gone viral online showing the lengths a couple went to try and surprise their friends and family with the news that they were to become parents. From revealing t-shirts, to car journeys, to strategic mobile phone use, this couple wanted everyone to not only know about their happy news but be equally as amazed as they were.

The video in question begins with a clip of the father himself getting the surprising news via a gift bag with a positive pregnancy test placed in the bottom. We watch as he eagerly reaches into the bag expecting a present before covering his face with his hat as the emotion takes over when he realizes what the “gift” actually means.

The couple keep the surprises coming as they take it upon themselves to deliver the news to members of their friends and family in increasingly unusual ways, videoing the reactions as they go.

In one clip we see the impending father stripping off a sweater to reveal a t-shirt underneath emblazoned with one word – DAD.

In another we see the emotional moment the news is revealed to one set of future grandparents via a baby scan picture shown to them on the soon to be mother’s cell phone.

But I suppose the question is, why did the couple go to such extreme lengths to surprise their friends and family with the good news?

Well, a caption mid-way through the video explains that the loving pair had been trying to become parents for a long time with no success and when it finally happened they wanted everyone to know and share the joy and surprise that they felt.

Watch the joyous moment and the shocked reactions for yourself.

Video Credit: Newsflare