‘Very Passionate, Colorful, Expressive Performance,’ Professor Says

April 1, 2018

“It was beautiful. It was very elegant.”

“[I was focused] on God in the performance.”

“It was very touching to realize that they were singing about reconciliation with God. To know that I could see what it said in my own language and hear it in theirs was very touching.”

“The orchestra was beautiful. I love the combination of the Western and Chinese instruments. They have such different tones, and they blended beautifully.”

“My feeling, at one point it was intensity, and another point was joy. They looked like they were very passionate about their craft. [I] really enjoyed it.”

“Their passion came through, and I appreciated them sharing that with us.”

“I noticed that even in their movements, they don’t turn their backs to the audience or their bodies away from the audience. They are facing the person that they’re communicating with, not just in their posture, but their face. That was beautiful.”

“What I was seating and thinking about, as my granddaughter was watching it, was that she was hearing some of what they go through in China. … I think it’s a conversion we’re going to have on our way home. It’s a message that needs to be heard, that people need to be free to express themselves.”

“It was a very passionate, colorful, expressive performance. I would definitely recommend for everyone to come to see it, young and old.”

“I can’t wait to see next year’s performance.”