Vancouver Audience Raves About Shen Yun

April 7, 2009 Updated: April 10, 2009

VANCOUVER, British Columbia—Shen Yun Performing Arts was appreciated by the audience who took in the Chinese classical dance and music show at Vancouver’s Queen Elizabeth Theatre Monday night.

Rebecca, a director with the United Nations World-Food Program, said during intermission that she particularly liked The Udumbara’s Bloom, a tale about the legendary flower, which blooms once every 3,000 years.

“The women dancers were so incredibly graceful—every position, their figures, their hands—I thought that was really beautiful. That was my favourite so far,” she said.

Mr. Bester, a Toronto businessman who has a delivery and paper products business, brought his wife to the show after getting a flyer about it.

“We were quite excited. We ordered our tickets about two months ago. We couldn’t wait for this day. It was unbelievable.”

“Fantastic. Unbelievable. The music was great, the dancing was great, the entertainment is great. It’s very professional. Those two announcers are fantastic. It’s about the best show I have ever seen.”

Mr. Bester said the dancers were “tremendous,” in great shape, and were very well-coordinated.

“Unbelievable! And I would definitely go again, whenever there is a performance. It was fantastic.”

Mr. Marino, a database engineer, who also attended Monday’s performance said that his favourite dance was Legend of the Brush, which tells the story of a group of scholars toiling deep in the mountains carving records onto bamboo scrolls, a painfully labourious task made easier by a special visitor.

“That is very powerful because we write history that way. I know that China has such rich history and culture.”

Overall, Mr. Marino said he thoroughly enjoyed the show.

“The dance was fantastic. The music was incredible. Sometimes I wonder if I can get a copy of that music somewhere, because we don’t get to hear that everyday.”

His companion, a mortgage broker who didn’t giver her name, said she was also enthralled.

“I loved all of it. I really learned that silk is a big part of Chinese culture. All the dances, all the dancers revolved around the beautiful silks costumes, and they [Chinese] invented silks. That really stuck out of my mind. It was just so beautiful to see all the beautiful silk flowing, all the beautiful colours. The themes were beautiful. The whole thing was just great.”

With files from New Tang Dynasty Television

Shen Yun Performing Arts will stage two more shows in Vancouver on Tuesday and Wednesday before going on to Calgary, Edmonton, and Regina.

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