Valentine Day Quotes and Sayings, With Accompanying Gift Ideas

February 14, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

People are looking for Valentine Day quotes and sayings, as well as gifts.

A post from BYU has creatively listed small gifts as well as accompanying sayings that will please your significant other. 

They could be used as a small gift with a bigger one to come later.

Let’s check out the best ones:

-You light up my life. (with candle)

-You blow my mind. (with bubble)

-You’re the apple of my eye. (with an Apple)

-We make the perfect pair. (with pears)

-What are the chances I have a shot at being your Valentine? (with nerf gun)

-Happy Valentines day for crayon out loud. (with crayons)

-You’re number one in my book (with a book)

-You make my heart swirl (crazy straw)

-Doh you want to be my Valentine? (with Play dough)

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