Uruguay: Meditation changes rowdy, violent students into tolerant, calm kids

By Li Yen, Epoch Times
October 3, 2019 Updated: October 3, 2019

If you’ve ever stepped into a rowdy classroom, you’ve most likely come across students chatting, yawning, and even raising their voices.

It may seem the rambunctious students are banding together to push you over the edge; at least that’s how some teachers may feel.

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What should teachers do to deal with rowdiness in the classroom?

To silence the noisy students, teachers employ methods such as ringing a call bell, re-arranging students’ seating positions, or when all else fails, raises one’s voice—“Quiet!”

One state school in Montevideo, Uruguay, which had been facing disciplinary challenges with its students, decided to adopt an alternate approach—and it’s working really well.

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In March 2016, the school initiated a project with the aim to create a calmer atmosphere in the classroom, prevent bullying, violence, and improve student performance.

The project required each teacher to come up with something that would help build a culture of peaceful coexistence in each classroom.

Sixth-grade teacher Yennyfer Quartino decided to introduce Falun Gong, also known as Falun Dafa—an ancient mind-body cultivation practice that has greatly improved her own physical and mental health—to her students, aged between 11 and 14 years old.


Quartino and her students began practicing Falun Dafa’s slow-moving exercises and sitting meditation daily in the school courtyard after lunch and before the afternoon classes.

Amazingly, a few weeks later, many students from other classes joined Quartino’s students to learn the practice too.

Eventually, almost the entire school was practicing Falun Dafa daily.

As time went by, the seeds of “Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance”—Falun Dafa’s principles—gradually grew in these students’ hearts and changed them fundamentally.


The students—who used to suffer from fatigue, a lack of concentration, and poor academic performance, not to mention quite a few resorting to violence—have become more focused and tranquil in class.

“The school day is long,” Quartino said, reports Minghui.org. “Many students were tired, had no energy, and couldn’t focus on their classwork.”

But Falun Dafa changed them for the better, and “the results have been wonderful,” she added.


The headmistress noticed the students’ improvement as well. She said: “They benefited not only physically, but spiritually. They breathe and relax and come to the classroom focused and with a good attitude.”

“These kids had serious concentration problems and were violent in the classroom. The changes they’ve made are soul-stirring,” the school inspector enthused.


And the students like the practice too.

Josefina, a sixth-grade student, said: “I feel relaxed, I like it. And afterward, when we go to the classroom, I feel as if all the stress I had before practicing Falun Dafa is gone.”

“I feel more relaxed and free,” said a third-grade girl.

A fourth-grade boy chimed in, “I feel a lot of energy.”

“Strength!” said third-grade students Nicole and Belén in unison.


What’s important when disciplining children is to teach them how to control their own behavior in line with good moral values.

After practicing Falun Dafa, the students began adhering to the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance in daily life. Moreover, they learned how to look within to find where they fall short and correct themselves, instead of blaming others (looking outside), on their path of self-improvement.

The students have experienced peace and self-control, and this, in turn, helps foster a healthy, kind, and tolerant learning environment.

“Before, everyone was bad tempered, but now we are calmer,” said Joaquín, a sixth-grader.

Student Leandro added, “If he misbehaves, I must tolerate it.”

Isn’t it fantastic how these children are being so positively influenced by this beautiful practice?

Just like the kids at the Guasave Montessori School in Mexico, who too are practicing Falun Dafa, more schools in South America and around the world are introducing their students to this peaceful practice, so they too can be like pristine lotus flowers rising up and out of the mud, displaying their pure brilliance.

Watch the video to learn about the positive changes students at the Guasave Montessori School underwent after learning Falun Dafa:

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