University Student Celebrates Graduation With Bouquet of KFC Fried Chicken From Her Boyfriend

June 5, 2020 Updated: June 5, 2020

Twenty-two-year-old university graduate Lucy Zhao, from Sydney, New South Wales, is a huge fan of Kentucky Fried Chicken. So huge, in fact, that when she graduated from the University of Technology Sydney with her degree in interior design, she opted to pose with a unique bouquet—not made of flowers but of a giant bundle of artfully arranged fried chicken.

Zhao and her boyfriend, Gabriel You, explained in an interview with News.Au that the pair are both obsessed with KFC chicken. So, when Zhao was trying to think of a unique way to celebrate her graduation, You came up with the hilarious idea to pose with the hard-to-resist deep-fried-chicken bouquet instead of regular flowers.

Epoch Times Photo
Lucy Zhao, 22, from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, with her deep-fried “bouquet” (Caters News)

Naturally, Zhao loved the idea. So with the help of a local florist, the pair found a way to make sure that their preferred fast food restaurant was included in the day of celebration as well.

“We both love KFC,” said Zhao. “We always go there at night, and we’ve both put on lots of weight since we first met over two years ago. But we call it the fat of love. We both want to lose weight though, but KFC is our weakness.”

After You came up with the idea, he did all the legwork to make sure that the edible arrangement was brought to life without a hitch.

Epoch Times Photo
Lucy Zhao’s KFC bouquet that her boyfriend, Gabriel You, made for her (Caters News)

“I thought it was hilarious and a really good idea,” Zhao added in her interview. “He bought all the chicken wings and popcorn chicken and popped them onto skewers and then took it to our usual florist who wrapped it all up.”

Zhao dressed up for the occasion, donning her cap and gown to walk across the stage and receive her diploma. After the ceremony, she posed with the giant bouquet full of food—which was artfully wrapped in butcher paper, yet otherwise looked exactly like a regular flower bouquet would.

Epoch Times Photo
Lucy Zhao, 22, from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, with her boyfriend, Gabriel You, during her graduation (Caters News)

“Graduation flower made of KFC chicken wings damn my life is good!!! Thx to my BF & his Bro,” she wrote on Instagram, sharing a series of hilarious but sweet pictures documenting the occasion.

After taking photos, Zhao was happy to show off her clever flower arrangement to the other graduates. However, she didn’t just flaunt the food in their faces; she made sure to spread the love as well.

“It looked great. On my graduation day, all these other students were looking at it and asking me what it was because it looked like chicken. I said, ‘It is chicken!’ and gave them some to eat. It was so funny, and they enjoyed it,” she added.

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(TK Kurikawa/Shutterstock)

As if that wasn’t enough, the Colonel himself made sure to send his regards for her graduation as well in the form of a gift from the fried-chicken outlet.

“Hey [Lucy], congrats on graduating and thanks for sharing your chicken bouquet. DM us your address and we’ll send you some of the Colonel’s finest,” the official KFC Australia Instagram page commented on her post.

Zhao insists that she’d be willing to do something similar again, but not exactly the same, as she’s considering McDonald’s chicken nuggets next time!

Epoch Times Photo
Lucy Zhao, 22, from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, with her boyfriend, Gabriel You (Caters News)