University Chaplain Says Shen Yun Shows the ‘Spark of Divinity in Each of Us’

February 22, 2017

“It’s fabulous, absolutely fabulous. I’ve wanted to see this show for a number of years, every year I’ve waited too long and it’s been sold out before I could actually get seats, so this year we got two friends and booked early. It’s everything I expected and more.”

“The whole thing is divine presence, even the songs sung by the tenor—we leave this life bare, we’re passing through, we have to make an impact while we’re here. We have to be present in the moment and I think that was profound too. So much of it has inner-faith appeal, I just think it was beautiful all the way around.”

“I think there’s an inner-faith appeal to the whole thing [Shen Yun], in terms of the dance of divine beings and if you believe, if there’s a spark of divinity in each of us, from the creator—I think that’s beautiful.”

“I’ll talk to my students about this. I regret that they’re not here … I’ll describe it to them of course, but it’s not the same, if you’re not here in person, even if you saw this in video, it wouldn’t be the same. There’s a magic about the presence and the live music; I think there’s just a connection to the live dance.”