UK Photographer Snaps Stunning Picture of 2 ‘Lovebirds’ Appearing to Share a Kiss

June 12, 2021 Updated: June 12, 2021

This stunning picture shows two “lovebirds” appearing to share a kiss.

But the Arctic terns were really just passing each other a tiny fish.

Arctic terns, also known as sea swallows, travel all the way to the Antarctic from the UK for the winter, while this loved-up pair seemed to be setting up a nest for the summer.

Epoch Times Photo
A photo shows arctic terns passing each other a tiny fish at Newburgh beach in Aberdeenshire, UK. (SWNS)

Mark Deans, 34, snapped the picture on Newburgh beach in Aberdeenshire, on May 23.

Prison custody officer Mark saw the two love birds appear to share a kiss—only to find on closer inspection they were transferring very small fish and bits of seaweed to one another.

“I was originally out looking for a king elder bird named by the locals as Elvis, when I came across the Arctic terns,” said Mark, a father of two from Aberdeen.

“They were passing a little fish between each other, as well as tiny bits of seaweed.”

Epoch Times Photo
A close-up of the two “lovebirds” appearing to share a kiss. (SWNS)

Mark said he was about 100 meters away and there were fish everywhere; it was a “feeding frenzy” for the birds.

“These two, in particular, were passing tiny fish and bits of seaweed back and forth,” he added. “At first glance, it looked like they were sharing a kiss.

“Both the fish and seaweed were getting taken away somewhere, so I assume it was for nesting.

“They are the longest migration distance traveling bird from the Arctic, so they will be settling here for the summer—although I’m no wildlife expert, just good with a camera.”

Mark called the photo “stunning,” as it shows the “lovebirds” working together to gather food against the strong winds.