Two sweet, blind dogs find comfort with each other after being adopted

December 28, 2018 Updated: January 5, 2019

When you have chronic glaucoma, and you are homeless, life is no fun as a pooch. But there might just be a guardian angel around the next corner.

Two years ago, in suburban Burton, Adelaide, in Australia, poor little Lolly was living on the streets with great difficulty, as she was completely blind. Her eyes looked as though they would burst, and one can only imagine the amount of suffering she had to endure.

Photo courtesy of RSPCA South Australia

When Royal Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) were alerted, they booked Lolly into a vet eye specialist, who made the decision to remove her eyes, as the pressure would only increase, causing more pain, and eventually the eyeballs would burst.

She handled the surgery well, and was soon able to find her way around pain free.

RSPCA officer Brigitte had become attached to Lolly, and when she had recovered enough to find her a home, Brigitte decided to adopt her.

Photo courtesy of RSPCA South Australia

“She’d been with me for quite a while and she’d bonded,” she said

“I never intended on having a blind dog, but once she bonded, I didn’t want her to go through that whole process again … so she ended up staying with us.

“She’s such a happy little soul, so confident and full of life,” she told RSPCA.

Then, 18 months later, another poor soul was found wandering the streets. Her eyes needed to be removed as well, and most of her teeth had rotted away, leaving a terrible smell emanating from her.

Photo courtesy of RSPCA South Australia

Sugar, as she was named, was 13 and had some anxiety issues; however, when her wasted-away eyes were removed, although she too was now totally blind, when Brigitte saw her, her heart melted.

“I just felt so sorry for her. I thought, ‘If she gets on with Lolly, I’ve got one blind dog so I may as well foster another,’” Brigitte said.

Sugar’s former owner was fined $3,000 (approx. US$2,180) after pleading guilty in court for neglect and was banned from owning another animal.

Photo courtesy of RSPCA South Australia

Sugar and Lolly are the sweetest dogs and deserve some joy in life, and Brigitte is just what the doctor ordered.

“To see the difference in them, they’re just totally different dogs,” Brigitte said. “The change was immediate once they started feeling comfortable and happy and safe.”

They both enjoy each other’s company and reportedly love their new forever home.

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