Turkish Airlines Has Best Inflight Meals in the World

June 15, 2016 Updated: June 15, 2016

Skytrax, a British consultancy that specializes in airline and airport reviews, recently came out with its annual rankings of the world’s top 100 airlines and airports.

The agency also offers various supplementary awards, including airlines that provide the best inflight meals.

The overall winner of this category was Turkish Airlines. It swept the awards by making the top three subcategories: second place for Best Business Class inflight meals, third place for best Premium Economy Class inflight meals, and second place for Economy Class inflight meals.

Speaking of this success, Edward Plaisted, CEO of SKYTRAX, said: “Turkish Airlines definitely provide something of a WOW factor through their food standards, and with DO&CO they have probably the finest airline catering company in the world to deliver these world-leading airline meals.”

DO&CO is an Austrian company that specializes in airline catering as well as international event catering. Turkish Airlines has had a joint venture with DO&CO since 2007.

Turkish Airlines is also fourth in the overall rankings for airlines.



Austrian Airlines (ranked first in Best Business Class meals):

Qatar airways (ranked third in Best Business Class meals, and first overall for the airline):


The lists for best economy class meals:

World’s Best Premium Economy Class Airline Meals

  1. Air New Zealand
  2. Qantas
  3. Turkish Airlines

World’s Best Economy Class Airline Meals

  1. Asiana Airlines
  2. Turkish Airlines
  3. Thai Airways