Trippin’ on Bananas? Amaze Your Friends With These Banana Facts

TIMEJune 25, 2015

1. First off, bananas are berries

Should we start calling them bananaberries?


2. Bananas get really excited when it’s peanut butter jelly time


3. You can make ice cream with one ingredient: bananas!

Except Cassy decied to add some peanut butter.


4. They are loaded with potassium

They can contain 422 mg of potassium, that’s about 12% of your daily value.

see the benefits of potassium here.


5. You open them wrong

See this for 8 ways on how to peel bananas.

Epoch Times Photo
(Taylor Sloan/Flickr)

Monkeys open them like this.


6. The best milk ever

Epoch Times Photo


7. 20% of the world’s bananas are produced in India

But bananas originated from Malaysia 

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(McKay Savage/Flickr)


8. There are over 1000 varieties of bananas around the world

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(via Flickr)

You can find out about them here.


9. There are even banana slugs

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(Jim Whitehead/Compfight)


10. Bananas in sandwiches were Elvis Presley’s favorite food

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(via Flickr)

He called it “The Grilled Peanut Butter Banana Sandwich”, and sometimes bacon is added as well.


11. Zero waste for banana peels

You can eat banana peels, use them to fight mosquito itches, etc. Here you go.


12. National Banana Lovers Day

Mark your calendar! August 27 is national banana lovers day, and you won’t want to miss out.


13. The minions party with bananas

Minions love bananas


Time to go Bananas!