Film Director: This Show Has It All

By Jason Loftus, Epoch Times
January 10, 2009 Updated: October 1, 2015

'It was as great as it was the last time,' said Mr. Gord. (Lisa Ou/The Epoch Times)
'It was as great as it was the last time,' said Mr. Gord. (Lisa Ou/The Epoch Times)
TORONTO—When Gemini-nominated film director Mr. Gord watched the Divine Performing Arts show for the first time in September, he said it didn’t have a dull moment from beginning to end and that he’d be back with his nephew.

Friday night, he brought his six-year-old nephew, who is ethnically half-Chinese, to attend the Divine Peforming Arts 2009 World Tour at the John Bassett Theatre in Toronto.

“It was as great as it was the last time. It has everything,” Mr. Gord said at the intermission.

He singled out the dance Dragon Springs Drummers for its “energy.” In this piece, dancers perform aerial moves and bring to life the buoyant, fun-loving spirit of China’s indigenous folk culture as they dance with octagonal drums.

As a director and producer himself, Mr. Gord discussed the quality of the animated digital backdrops, many of which had three-dimensional scenes and integrated with the performances.

“It could be one dimensional but the backdrops give it an extra dimension, which is good.” Mr. Gord said the backdrops, like all aspects of the show, have clearly involved a great deal of work to prepare.

He also had a word for others who may be thinking of attending a Divine Performing Arts show for the first time.

“I would say you have it all. You have music and dance and good energy and it's very visually beautiful—you have got good costumes. You can't go wrong!”

Divine Performing Arts has three companies touring more than 80 cities worldwide. Its New York company will stage five more shows at the John Bassett Theatre, before moving onto Montreal and then New York City to perform at the iconic Radio City Music Hall.

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