Top Reasons to Visit South Australia

March 16, 2015 Updated: March 16, 2015

The top reasons to visit South Australia make this a region a must-visit when you’re in the continent. Flanked by New South Wales, Victoria, Northern Territory and Queensland, South Australia is known for its festivals, and of course, Kangaroo Island, the 5th largest island in the continent.

Here are some of the top reasons to visit South Australia, which should be sought eagerly when exploring what Australia has to offer:

Kangaroo island. Not only is it the 5th largest island in Australia, it’s also one of the top destinations in the continent. This island is well-known for its biodiversity and beaches. Among its famous residents are the endearing koala bears, Echidnas, wallabies and kangaroos.

West Bay on Kangaroo Island via Shutterstock*
West Bay on Kangaroo Island via Shutterstock*

In addition to its unique flora and fauna, there are also the dramatic rock formations, such as the Remarkable Rocks and the Admiral Arch.

Wines. Wines are some of the top reasons to visit South Australia. Kangaroo Island and Barossa Valley top the list of the best wine regions in the continent, with their premium wines, postcard-worthy vineyards and 5-star restaurants serving not only South Australia’s signature wines but also some of the best food in the continent.

Barossa Valley Vineyards via Shutterstock*
Barossa Valley Vineyards via Shutterstock*

World Heritage Sites. And we’re not only referring to Kangaroo Island. There’s an abundance of World Heritage Sites in South Australia to keep your itinerary booked for more than a week! Case in point, there’s Naracoota Caves and the WIlpena Pound in the Flinders Ranges.

Events and Festivals. Cycling fanatics and partyphiles will certainly have the time of their lives in South Australia, with events like Tour Down Under (the international cycling race where Lance Armstrong made his legendary comeback in 2009), and the Adelaide Fringe, an annual feast which feature comedy, music, theatre and a whole lot of fun.

The more artsy crowd will surely enjoy the Adelaide Festival of Arts which take place very second year.

Diving. When you say diving in Australia, Rapids Bay may not be your first option as there are more popular dive sites in the continent, such as the Great Barrier Reef. But the more underrated Rapids Bay may have something you might not find anywhere else in the continent: the graceful, leafy sea dragons which are only found in the temperate waters of Australia.

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*Image of West Bay on Kangaroo Island via Shutterstock

*Image of Barossa Valley Vineyards via Shutterstock