Top Honeymoon Destinations for 2015

December 30, 2014 Updated: December 30, 2014

While alternative wedding dates continue to grow incrementally as people seek a break from the financial and scheduling problems that arise from booking in the summer, there’s no denying that most prefer to have their special day at this time.

The weather is warmer and most people are on vacation already, so it makes sense to most people, despite the drawbacks. As such, the honeymoon industry is also winding down for the year, making it a great time to plan ahead for where you and your spouse to be want to abscond to after the joy and stress of your wedding day has concluded.

The following destinations have seen their stock rise in recent years, making them viable and attractive top honeymoon destinations for 2015. Below, we explain our rational behind our picks for the upcoming wedding season…

1) The Seychelles

proposal of marriage, St.Valentines Day via Shutterstock*
proposal of marriage, St.Valentines Day via Shutterstock*

While the Maldives have gotten more than their fare share of attention over the past few years, another collection of islands in the Indian Ocean has risen as an alternative to this overdone honeymoon destination. With sugar white sands, picturesque granite boulders, swaying palms, and blue green waters rife with lively coral reefs, you’ll be seriously considering extending your stay as the day of your return flight approaches!

2) Santorini

With the financial bloodletting of the economic crisis all but finished in Greece, tourism operators in the Greek islands have been pulling out all the stops to bring back guests scared off by protests in recent years.

With the situation having calmed considerably, the time is right to return to places such as Santorini, where whitewashed houses, ancient windmills, and infinity pools with some of the most killer views in the Mediterranean await you and your newlywed, all at prices that are consioderably lower than they were five years ago.

3) Bora Bora

Bora Bora via Shutterstock*
Bora Bora via Shutterstock*

Long being lauded as being one of the most paradisaical islands in the South Pacific, Bora Bora has long been a heavyweight in the honeymoon industry, and this year, it makes our list for those seeking a truly timeless place to celebrate their marital bliss.

Wake up to the sound of sloshing surf beneath your idyllic overwater bungalow, lazily snorkel amidst schools of fish that hit every color of the rainbow, or just bake in the tropical sun while admiring the mountain scenery set against the infinity of the South Pacific Ocean.

4) Martinique

Honeymooners in North America have long been blessed with an embarrassment of riches when it comes to tropical getaways, as the Caribbean has a seemingly endless assortment of islands to choose from.

This year, we choose to highlight Martinique, as its a great place for those seeking the usual benefits of a tropical island, while offering the class and style of France, as this isle has been a possession of the European power for centuries. Some fine French wine and a crispy baguette to go with your sunset dinner on the beach? Oui Oui!

5) Bali

Green rice fields on Bali island via Shutterstock*
Green rice fields on Bali island via Shutterstock*

Looking for a unique blend of mysticism, culture, lush jungle, perfect beaches and amazing cuisine, all offered at unreal prices? That’s the package that Bali offers, as this Southeast Asian gem offers all this with amazing villas located away from the chaos of Kuta that will have you pinching yourself as to how you got such a great deal!

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*Image of Bora Bora via Shutterstock

*Image of green rice fields on Bali island via Shutterstock

*Image of proposal of marriage, St.Valentines Day via Shutterstock