Top Cities to Visit in Western Europe

November 17, 2014 Updated: November 17, 2014

Western Europe presents many alluring possibilities for fun weekend city trips with friends. Here are our current “Best in the West” list.



Romantic Lisbon street via Shutterstock*
Romantic Lisbon street via Shutterstock*


You cannot go further west than Portugal. Go for a Lisbon City break this weekend. Visit and explore the beauty of the largest city of Portugal with your friends! Medieval castles with Arabic ornaments and the breathtaking Belem waterfront are just a few of the mesmerising local sights. After a day of walking, bring out your dancing shoes! As the sun sets into the cool Atlantic Ocean, Lisbon explodes with nightlife which will have you dancing till the morning hours.


The Netherlands’ main city hardly needs an introduction. Its mesh of canals, coffee shops, exclusive boutiques, and museums stacked with the works of old masters will keep you busy from the moment you get there. Amsterdam is a city of contrasts, and each aspect of its beautiful eclectic nature competes for your appreciation. Whether you want the culture of the Rijksmuseum, the haute couture of Jordaan, or the dining and dancing of the eternal Supperclub, this city will deliver.


You have heard great things about Berlin, Germany’s capital, but why not go south for a change? Munich, arguably the richest German city, has just as much culture, entertainment, and beauty to offer – and then some! The picture-perfect city center around Marienplatz and Stachus has splendidly preserved old churches and government buildings. In between hide many proud local breweries like Hofbräu and Löwenbräu. The beautiful Neuschwannstein castle lies just outside the city, too. In the night, you can lose yourself into the many clubs where cutting-edge electronica and expertly mixed drinks cement Munich’s reputation as a city of plenty.



Old Town in Stockholm via Shutterstock
Old Town in Stockholm via Shutterstock


As you head north, Stockholm is the place to be. Spread around fourteen islands, Sweden’s capital offers a charming mix of ornate old and austere, typically Scandinavian new. Gamla Stan, or the Old Town, provides a venerable look at the past with its Royal Palace and cobblestone roads. Slip into one of the many traditional cafes for an energy boost before you hit Östmalm and its many shops ripe with modern Swedish design. If you feel adventurous, mount a boat and set out into the Stockholm Archipelago. In the surrounding Baltic Sea, close to 30,000 little islands are ripe for exploration!

Your fun weekend awaits

So, round up your friends and book yourself a fun city trip down this list. Good times guaranteed!

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*Image of romantic Lisbon street via Shutterstock

*Image of Old Town in Stockholm via Shutterstock