Top 10 Things That You Will Really Do in Thailand

By Arthur Fern, Vagabond Journey Travel

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1. Try Delicious New Foods

Thailand has some of the best cuisine in the world at very low prices. Mixing sweet, spicy, sour, savory and salty, Thai food stimulates more taste buds than you knew you had. After lunch, go for a walk in the countryside to burn off the post-meal daze. As your stomach begins to rumble, realize your body hasn’t yet adapted to the food. Race down a dirt path just in time to unleash yourself in a stranger’s outdoor toilet. Do it without asking permission because, wow, that was way too close.

2. Visit the Jungle

Pretend that your hike isn’t ruined by the regular presence of aggressive populations of monkeys.

3. Cruise in Style

Rent a motorbike to visit a national park. Take the mandatory waterfall picture so you can brag to your friends online. Don’t tell anyone that the best thing about your day is scaring those damned monkeys in revenge, honking the bike’s horn as you zoom past.

4. Take Risks

Become cocky and wreck the motorbike. Feel badass since you survived. Feel like an idiot because you crashed going only 15 miles per hour (24 kph).

5. Get to Know the Locals

Laugh as your resident smoothie lady jokes about you marrying her 14 year old daughter. When she says it again the following day, realize that she’s not kidding. Consider returning in 10 years to get married, because a lifetime of free smoothies is the best dowry in the history of civilization.

6. Go to Ancient Temples

After the third day of sightseeing, realize that it’s way too hot to bother walking around outside. Check into a guesthouse for a month and just hang around in the garden reading books.

7. Get Off the Beaten Track

Leave the banana pancakes and the guidebooks behind. Stumble into a tiny, unnamed village that isn’t found on any map. Pass by a small group of huts and once again find yourself inexplicably surrounded by German tourists.

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