Top 10 Romantic US Drives (video)

September 1, 2014 Updated: September 1, 2015

Here are the top 10 romantic drives in the US, including Big Sur Coast Highway in California and Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina, known as ‘America’s Favorite Drive’.
10. Big Sur Highway in California is over 70 miles long with beautiful scenes over the Pacific Ocean.
It is located in Central Coast of California where the Santa Lucia Mountains rise abruptly from the Pacific Ocean.
9. Blue Ridge Highway in North Carolina runs nearly 500 miles. It is know for its scenic beauty. Highway goes through twenty-nine Virginia and North Carolina counties, mostly along the Blue Ridge and Appalachian Mountains.
8. 50 miles on a road through Glacier National Park
7. Hawaii Hana Highway is unique rainforest ride, 60 miles long with 50 bridges and narrow curvy roads.
6. Hells Canyon road in Oregon offers views on the mountains, stretching green farm land and rustic canyon roads for more then 2 000 miles.
5. Acadia Byway in Maine has ocean mountains and runs through natural wonders of Acadia National Park in Maine.
4. Route 100 Vermont is offers romantic views over mountains, old churches and clasic bridges.
3. Beartooth Highway spreading through Wyoming and Montana is perfect for those looking for untouched wilderness.
2. Turquoise Trail in New Mexico is historic drive through old mining towns. It inclueds ancient archeological sites, deep canyons and stunning country views.
1. Overseas Highway locate din Florida runs over 100 miles.