Time to BDS the Chinese Communist Party

May 15, 2020 Updated: May 15, 2020

Time to BDS the Chinese Communist Party

Conservatives react with caution when social justice organizations propose to boycott, divest, and sanction (BDS) Israel. Israel is a democracy. It borders regimes openly committed to the murder of civilians through terrorist attacks. And we find it hard to criticize any democracy under those conditions. The regimes committed to the destruction of Israel are not democracies—they are totalitarian regimes controlled by self-grown terrorist organizations like Hamas or Hezbollah or other dictatorial powers, like Iran.

It would be easy to support the BDS movement if Israel were attacking another Democracy. But that’s not the case. The history of our world for the last 100 years has been clear: Democracies get attacked by dictatorships. If the democracies band together, they can defeat the dictators; if not, the democracies get picked off one by one. Whether the dictatorships use tanks or terrorists doesn’t really matter—dictatorships start the wars that democracies have to fight and win, even when they don’t want to.

Over the last 40 years, Republican and Democratic presidents alike have delivered a common message to the American people regarding U.S. policy toward China, a communist state. The message contains no warnings on the evil of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)—one of the cruelest, if not the cruelest, dictatorships in world history. The message was essentially this: If we are good to the communists (and thereby good to the people of China)—if we trade with them, move our factories there, import the products we used to make here from them, and in general give them more and more power and more international status—then everything will be good. Things will be fine, we were told, because eventually, dictatorships like the CCP will change—they will become more open, less lethal, even democratic. Everybody wins—right? This message was endorsed by naivete on the left and greed on the right.

Is there anyone who still believes this nonsense?

China is run by and for the CCP. The CCP routinely and brutally suppresses human rights in Hong Kong; it imprisons millions in concentration camps and has been busy covering up and lying about the full extent of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic started within the city of Wuhan. The lying and the coverup included the arrest (and eventual death in prison) of the doctors and journalists who tried to warn us about the calamity we are now facing.

So isn’t it about time for a new social justice movement? One made up of conservative, and more importantly, free men and women; a movement dedicated to boycotting, divesting, and sanctioning any business owned or run by members of the Chinese Communist Party. Do it for the millions imprisoned in China today, or the tens of millions murdered by the CCP in its history. And please continue the BDS—at least until the ruling class of China can stop harming those of us outside their borders and, equally, stop denying their own 1.4 billion citizens their basic rights as human beings.

BDS the CCP and free China.

Mike Wangler
New York

Fresh Air

I just signed up and read my first copy of ET on 5/8. “Thank you” doesn’t come close to describing what it feels like to read a real newspaper and news again compared to the propaganda that masquerades as news. Even the WSJ has degraded to a lot of left-wing and socialist hyperbole.

Richard M. Cortellini

CCP Members Versus Chinese Population

I’ve been reading The Epoch Times for some time now and enjoying the
information and growth of the paper.

Originally coming from communist Yugoslavia, I have developed good instincts. [As] for the one-party regime now challenging the world, my comment:

I don’t understand why your writers and bloggers don’t mention the fact that there are only around 90 million members of the Chinese Communist Party.

Most people, especially in America, do not realize that only about 7 percent of
the population is responsible for oppressing Chinese people and creating the
havoc worldwide. You are correctly naming the novel coronavirus as the CCP virus. You need to narrow the CCP to a manageable size, though. It would clarify the information jostling we are now involved in, separating the Chinese people from the party.

I am looking forward to seeing this in future print. Thank you.

Kresimir Luckars

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