This Logic Puzzle Has Netizens Stumped! Only 37% of Contestants Solved It on the First Try!

September 1, 2019 Updated: September 1, 2019

Do you feel like testing your gray matter with a mind-bending puzzle of logic? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. We have a challenging and fun problem of deduction that will pump some blood to your brain and boost your intellectual efficiency!

Only 37 percent of participants solved it on the first try, so if you like challenges, then this puzzle is for you. You only need elementary logic to solve it, so, in theory, most of us should be able to. We suggest keeping it simple by just using the ol’ pen and paper. You may find that when you write everything down, the solution pops out at you more naturally. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Please look at the diagrams below and follow the instructions:

Illustration – The Epoch Times

Please try to solve the puzzle on your own, as there is nothing more satisfying than conquering the difficulties life sets before you. If you tried and failed, then try again. We’re sure you can do it! But if you’re stuck and are ready to throw in the towel to fight another day, then check out the solution below.


Keep in mind our two constraints! The car is in just one box, and also, only one of the three statements is true (which implies that the other two must be false!)

First, let’s assume that the statement under the first box is true. Then, the car is in the first box. And the other two statements must be false; are they? Let’s test and see! If the statement under box 2 is false, then the car is in box 2, but that is not possible, since the car can be in only one box! Therefore statement 1 must be false, and the car cannot be in box 1.

Now let’s assume that the statement written on the second box is true. Then the car is not in the second box. However, since only one statement can be true, the other statements must be false! So, let’s test them and see if they are indeed false. Statement 1 says that the car is in box 1, so if this statement is false, then the car must be in box 3. Then, if we test statement 3, which says that the car is not in box 1, well, it cannot be in box 1 as we have just shown. Therefore, statement 2 must be false! … and if statement 2 is false, that means the car must be in box 2!

Now, even though we have found our answer, let’s examine statement 3 for the fun of it. Were we to assume statement 3 is true, then the car cannot be in box 1, and the other two statements must also be false. Statement 1 says the car is in box 1 and that is false—which is what we expect if statement 3 is true. Then statement 2 must also be false, and we come to the same conclusion again! The car must be in box 2!

Illustration – Shutterstock | Ollyy

Did you manage to solve this riddle on your own? If so, then congratulations! If not, then don’t worry, there will be plenty more changes to try your logic skills again! Please share this puzzle with your friends if for no other reason than to keep them on their toes!