This 100-Foot Long Truck’s ‘Abnormal Load’ Has Bystanders Confused

March 21, 2016 Updated: March 22, 2016

A 100-foot long truck carrying an “abnormal load” has Liverpool residents perplexed. 

Reporters from the Liverpool Echo went down to the docks to examine the load, and still couldn’t figure out what it was, or why a small metal extrusion would need such a large truck to deliver it. 

The truck had a police escort, and left the dock early in the morning. 

An incident with the “abnormal load” on the highway caused a lane to be temporarily shut down. 

The "abnormal load" (Liverpool Echo)
The “abnormal load” (Liverpool Echo)

“The abnormal load between J18-19 M6 NB has been repaired and all lanes are running traffic flow has improved”, the North West Motorway Police tweeted on Sunday. 

One Twitter user seemed to have the answer for the perplexing scene: