These People Are the Quickest at Their Jobs

BY Epoch Video TIMEApril 19, 2019 PRINT

A compilation video has surfaced online showing a group of highly talented people performing some of the most amazingly bizarre feats ever committed to film.

The video includes lightning fast stamping, lightning fast keying, strangely efficient ways to paint road markings, and a unique way to wash beneath a car with a pressure washer.

In one video we see a Chinese man acrobatically wiping down restaurant tables with a cloth before flinging it into the air repeatedly and catching it like pizza dough. In another Chinese restaurant, we see a different man using all his might to rock a huge wok full of food backward and forwards to stir and combine the ingredients together.

Another food-based clip shows one talented chef balancing and bouncing an egg on a fish slice like a soccer player bounces a football on their feet.

The two best clips, however, show two different people using both of their hands in interesting and unique ways to perform menial tasks more efficiently and with a fair amount of flair. The first one shows a woman pushing what look like metal rings using a stick in her left hand with incredible speed as she manipulates them into groups. When she has enough in a row, she then pushes them towards her other hand where they are wrapped in plastic and sealed, while her left hand goes back to pushing the next set of rings together in preparation for wrapping.

The second clip shows a daring man throwing what look like grapefruits in the air with one hand while cutting them in half with a large knife in the other.

Watch these amazing people and their incredible skills for yourself!

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