There are No Limits to Shen Yun’s Artistry, Says Theatergoer

March 23, 2017

“The culture really glows, so you can see the heart of the people who are doing it. … You can see that the roots run deep.”

“The culture and tradition spans thousands of years, and you can see there’s such a connection [among] the dancers; I can feel it inside. They’re doing what really touches their hearts for generations. 

“And the fact that they don’t allow it in China, … they (Chinese regime) really limit the people and their artistic expression, and how they feel about things and just expressing themselves. It’s not good, so it’s so good for people to know that and to be able to see it here. It’s so beautiful.”

“It’s very, very unhindered. They don’t hold back in any way. They’re free. And the colors are just so bright, and the artistry of it, there are no limits.”