Theatergoer Says Shen Yun Uplifts Your Spirit

April 9, 2018

“I was overwhelmed. It’s beautiful, both the costumes and the settings, the spirit behind it, and the tremendous ability of the various individuals involved in it.”

“I am amazed at how the dancers are able to float into the [digital] backdrops as if it were part of the reality of what’s happening.”

“It was a message that was clear, … that there is more to our everyday life than just acting through it, rather something that we have to prepare ourselves for it in order to hopefully obtain.”

“Separate from the spiritual aspect of it, [what moved me] would be the camaraderie and the oneness of the various performers—you can feel it.”

“One gets the feeling that they are very much a part of it. They want to communicate something to us, they want to give it to us through the dance, and through various stage settings as well as the meaning behind it.”

“It holds out a hope, or a realization for a change in terms of freedom of religion, pursuit of life, and a daily spiritual quest that apparently is not allowed in their country. They strive for something other than what is allowed there at this moment in time.”

“I think it’s uplifting in terms of [the] spirit. I think it’s a form of art. It’s effort is to present beauty and peace over evil and disharmony.”

“I will definitely recommend it, because it’s a moving experience. It allows us to think within ourselves, and to appreciate the beauty of the artistry, and the hand [in] the production.”

“I will give them my thanks, because it is a beautiful production. I love the way they work as a team to make us feel the emotion, the artistry, and the athletic ability of them. It’s certainly a reflection of the very hard work they had to put in.”