Theatergoer Saddened That Shen Yun Unable to Perform in China

December 29, 2017

“I loved the performance. It’s amazing … it’s amazing seeing thousands years of history through art, through music, through dance. It’s a shame that, we are lucky enough to see such a presentation, and to experience music, and the culture of China through thousands of years, but unfortunately people in China, they’re deprived of their own history, their own culture. We’re fortunate enough to experience it.”

“[Traditional Chinese culture] is amazing. The colors, the music, the dance.”

“The performer’s are incredible. They are definitely incredible—very athletic, very passionate … in the way they move, the way they express themselves. And the colors, the costumes are phenomenal.”

“It’s fascinating! It’s enriching! It makes it really think about culture, and thousands of years of history. It’s very unique.”