Theatergoer Reminded of Life’s Beauty While Watching Shen Yun

March 16, 2017

Brenda Anderson:

“It was a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful show. It was beautiful. This was something; I’ve never been to a show quite like this. I’ve been to a lot of different shows … this was very unique and very different than anything I’ve ever seen. The choreography — everything — was amazing. They’re just spot on with the timing of everything — it’s unbelievable. … The colors were wonderful; the music was incredible.”



“It gave [me] a feeling … of embracing life and enjoying all the beauty that life has to offer.”


“It displayed the beauty that we sometimes miss when we get caught up in the everyday regime of living life. To be able to stop like this and watch a show put on with such grace … and filled with so much color, and so much life and beauty through the dance and the music, I think it just makes you realize that life is beautiful and life has a lot to offer and it’s what we make [of] it.” 




“The dancing and the choreography are out of site. We had a lovely time.”



“I get exuberated [watching because] I love dance. … It was very beautiful.”



“We’re going to come again, too. We’re going to come again.”