Theatergoer Feeling Blessed to See Shen Yun

February 25, 2018

“I had the privilege of being at the show twice this week. I went with my mom and my sisters on Sunday last week, and we sat in the balcony, … and it was just amazing. The performers and the expressions of their dance, and you could really feel what the story was trying to generate and tell you, that there was a bigger message there than just dance. It was the culture, it was feeling part of them. It was wonderful. We were so blessed to be here today.”

“The message [of the dance storylines] of being tortured and punished when you [denounce] … somebody else’s belief system, even with the pain of sticking to your true belief system and … then at the end, there’s always heaven—it was amazing.”

“And the soloists, their singing was beautiful. It was bone-feeling. I could feel the vibrato and the crispness of the voices. The whole thing was amazing.”