Theatergoer Enjoys Shen Yun Experience for Second Year

March 13, 2017

“I think it was fabulous. I saw it last year. Of course, it’s completely different, but equally as fabulous. It’s just excellent. The music alone is great. I really enjoy the music, but you put the two together and it’s just a tremendous event. It’s nice that they [Shen Yun] come here.” 


“It’s all so beautiful—the costumes are beautiful, the dancing is beautiful. It’s just a fabulous experience.” 


“I was an ESL teacher, so I had students from China who had to leave because … of religious problems—they were refugees. So most of my students during my whole life have been refugees from some place, sometimes economic, sometimes war, but also religious persecution. That’s very touching to see it; it’s such a sad thing that it has to go on.” 


“I’m glad that they [Shen Yun] do this and get their message out. It’s hard to imagine suppression on people for compassion … it’s not like something that you would find evil.” 


“I’ve told my friends to go. I’ve hang on to this, and say, “You should go see this.” I have friends in Rhode Island, Providence. So I’ve recommended it to several people.” 


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