Theatergoer Enjoys Bold Expression of Traditional Chinese Culture

March 15, 2017

“I loved seeing the erhu. [It] was amazing that there were two strings and so much feeling and so much sound came out [of it]. I thought that that was excellent.” 


“I especially liked the blossoms (“Yellow Blossoms”). I thought that was just immaculately done – the movement and the coordination, and just so that the audience could really visually see something come together. I thought that was really good.” 

“I liked that [Shen Yun pieces express with] pride that there’s something beyond ourselves – that there’s a higher being. … We appreciated the fact that there was a boldness [in the dances] of feeling like there’s a God. I’m very pleased with that, and I thought that was really outstanding. 

“As a Christian, some of the very things that were said in the beliefs and in the songs and in the lyrics were similar to how we feel in a lot of ways. There were a lot of things in the songs where we looked at each other and said, ‘You know, that’s exactly how we feel.’”