Theater Director Enjoys the Fusion of Music and Dance at Shen Yun

December 30, 2017

“It’s nourishing for the soul. It was gorgeous, beautiful. All these stories of gods, and humans … and the tension that we see with the communists, and the sort of forces of good and evil against each other. They’re stories we can all kind of understand, whether or not we come from this background, or from a western background, or anything like that. They’re beautiful, universal stories.”

“I mean the culture of China is so inspired by—as I think many cultures in the West, European cultures and American culture is inspired by—a divine Creator, this idea that we all kind of come from this holy place … We all sort of feel that we have a tie to heaven and the Creator, and all these beautiful things.”

“I loved the giant screen in the back, the colors, the vibrant movement and the shapes, and the way that they integrate actors jumping into the screen, jumping out of the screen. It’s gorgeous, and such a beautiful way to do theater in 2017, I think, such a modern and gorgeous way to take the ancient art of theater into a modern audience.”

“The gorgeous colors, the costumes, the storytelling, this way of ‘you don’t have to tell a whole story just by characters speaking on a stage.’ You can see it in dance, you can see it in music, you can see it in the colors, the shapes, and the movement of the actors, sort of different ways of telling stories that we all can relate to.”