The Words ‘Refreshed’ and ‘Relieved’ Do Not Begin to Express the Feelings I Have

June 15, 2020 Updated: July 10, 2020

Dear Epoch Times,

The words “refreshed” and “relieved” do not begin to express the feelings I have in finding a thought-provoking, thorough, and well-rounded paper such as the Epoch Times. I have craved articles of substance, well-done reporting, the willingness to pursue truth, and report it in an uncensored manner that I have found in your paper. As I reflect on the other sources for news that are currently available, I am led to feel that they seem so shallow compared to yours. Thank you for making my nostalgic wish for the news of yesteryear a reality!

Of course, I want to continue my subscription! Thank you for the $1 trial!!

God bless,

Pastor Murray M.
BAT, M.Div, D.Min

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