‘The way the dancers presented themselves was full of joy’

December 30, 2017

“I appreciated learning about the traditional culture. … I also learned [about] the different types of dances, and that gymnastics originated from China [from classical Chinese dance].”

“We saw the dancers’ self-discipline, and it’s very obvious that they’ve dedicated their lives to training themselves. The way they presented themselves was full of joy. They were smiling and we got to enjoy the experience, but we know they were working incredibly hard, so we appreciate all of what they’ve done to dedicate their lives to this.”

“I think that’s a common message throughout the whole show: No matter what culture you’re from, we need to not forget where we come from. That’s important.”

“I saw a lot of hope in the message, especially for people that are fighting, whether it’s cancer or hardship, or to not just look at the hard circumstances, poverty, not to turn to wealth, not to fall prey to evil, but we can still stand on what is good and what is right. There is a truth to that.”

“I think it’s an important message to carry forward. … We need to do what’s right, whether others are doing what is right or not. We need to do what is loving, what is kind, what is peaceful, what is self-control, self-discipline—these things are so important to continue forward.”