The Truth Is Scarce

January 29, 2021 Updated: January 29, 2021

Truth is in the eye of the beholder. A lie told repeatedly soon starts to be believed by those that are gullibly naive. The biased, sensationalist media are propagating all kinds of questionable subjects that are intended to cause angst in the general population.

Socialist/Democrat Party, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, fascist professors, mainstream media, Hollywood mob, and the rest of the left-leaning populous are lying to stomp out liberty and freedom in America.

We know the priority of the left is to spread their propaganda, which has no resemblance to the truth. Examples of these lies: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal” will not kill jobs; raising taxes will not kill the economy; socialized medicine will not lead to rationed health care; defunding the police will stop crime; open borders will solve the immigration problem; eliminating the Senate filibuster and “fixing” the courts will provide justice.

It isn’t spreading hatred to speak the truth, Democrats should heed. The left needs to reexamine conclusions made from their revisionist and very distorted version of history. “We the People” must beware of all these “Useful Idiots.”

We have to read between the lines to understand. They are hoping that you will not hear what they are not saying. Do not let them cause you to unjustly worry and become distraught; you are smarter than that.

Today with 24-hour cable news, the internet, and newspapers, there is an abundance of information, but we are starving for Wisdom.

Trust in God and all will be well.


Terry M. Campbell, ASME, BSEE, MSCS

Retired Senior Scientist, Army Veteran