‘The synchronicity, the precision of the dancers is just unparalleled’

January 22, 2017

“We came from Wawa, Ontario, so we drove about 10 hours to come see the performance today. And I picked up my mother in Sudbury as well. My mom actually had mentioned this to me so I looked it up and we all kind of fell in love with it, and that was the Christmas gift to come here and to do the trip.”


“The synchronicity, the precision of the dancers is just unparalleled. They’re in complete unison. The facial expressions, the hands, the feet, are always perfect. Everything’s just—attention to detail, every part of it. The costumes are incredible, absolutely gorgeous.”


“They’re completely synchronized. The expression on the face, right down to the fingers, right down to the feet—absolutely incredible. The poise, the body position—just immaculate, really incredible.”


“My students are working on being flexible, so we are really watching all the details, all the flexibility, the amazing tumbling in the performance, the aerials. We’re just blown away.”


“[I will tell my students] ‘Keep working on your flexibility, paying attention to everything, even the hand techniques.’ Just incredible—every detail is just amazing.”