The Marketing Corner: Power of American Women

By Adele Lassere
Adele Lassere
Adele Lassere
September 19, 2015 Updated: September 20, 2015

American women have come a long way since the start of the suffrage movements during the 1840s.

It has been a journey in which has seen women go from being homemakers to leaders in our community, CEOs of major corporations or plant supervisor at a major automaker. With this evolution, one thing has become a known statistic; women are driving many purchasing decisions for the family.

These purchase decisions even include male-oriented products. These decisions have not only become boardroom discussions but are the basis for commissioned research studies which have tracked and categorized women’s purchase behavior. Marketers use these research studies outcomes in order to seek methods to court these female decision-makers and convert them to customers.

Once adults hit 50, they cease to be of interest to marketers.

It’s no secret that businesses focus their marketing prowess towards young adults; especially those falling within the coveted 18-49. Once adults hit 50, they cease to be of interest to marketers.

Just like the advertising landscape has change with the emergence of digital and social media, marketers may need to re-adjust their thinking about age demographics that are targeted. Boomers have changed the stage and put on a new face of what one considers a senior citizen. Female boomers have blazed their own path too! There are more female boomers who are college educated, earns $100,000+/year, own their own business, employed full-time in the work-force and in majority of cases are driving family purchase decisions. These include clothing, cars, electronics, healthcare, vacations, and groceries.

These female boomers have led the way for what we consider normal today: two income households. Additionally, many boomer parents are finding themselves still taking care of or providing a level of financial assistance to their young adult children. Since the parents are financing these young adults, in several instances, it is the boomer mom that is influencing what gets purchased and when it gets purchased!

As one race to develop marketing plans for 2016, don’t count out boomers, especially female boomers. Their impact on the family unit is pervasive! The female boomer opened the door for the younger Millennial Woman to receive the level of priority which marketers have bestowed upon them.

Female boomers have disposable income and are actively seeking out information regularly via traditional, digital and social channels. Many female boomers feel overlooked and not included in the conversation (marketing) and misunderstood with the marketing that is directed at them. Yet, their combined spending is trillions of dollars. Plus, they have higher net worth and spend consistently more than their young adult counterpart. Given the scale, this group can become a very attractive audience to seek! After all, no boomer, especially a female boomer, sees themselves as old.

In their mind, they are just starting to hit their stride.

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